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Wicked dressing rooms, getting Galindafied, Greenafied and goofing around back stage.

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Exclusive photos! Spend “One Short Day” backstage with the cast of WICKED

Ramin Karimloo does some pre-show stretching. Photo by maxgordonphotography.

There’s no graffiti like Broadway graffiti




A network – basically an organised group of tumblr users – devoted to appreciating Wicked and meeting people who also love the show. There will be activities such as livestreams, chats, games, and promos.


Networks are fun and Wicked is…

worthmeltingforelsa: Hey, thanks for the follow!! I'm always glad to find more wicked lovers ^^ also just wanted to let you know that on the 3 elphabas the last one is danna Paola, Ceci is our Mexican Glinda

It is always nice to find Wicked lovers :)

Ah, I apologize for that mix up, there are so many actresses and companies now it’s hard to keep track!  Thank you </:)